Nymbus, Inc. is a financial technology startup that provides a fresh perspective on growth for brands, banks, fintechs and credit unions with the technology and support make it happen, ranging from scalable online banking services and core banking software to comprehensive turn-key solutions for running and marketing a digital bank.
As a part of that support, I was a Junior Designer on the Nymbus Creative Team. My role was to both support Nymbus directly on internal and external documents, ads, graphics, templates, brochures, presentations, company swag, video content, reports, compliance documents, whitepapers, and one-pagers, and support Nymbus indirectly on similar deliverables for various sub-brands, clients, and niche banks created or being serviced by Nymbus. 
While the brand was established by Nymbus' VP of Creative, I was directly responsible for the growth and evolution of the Nymbus brand across social media in particular. My social media designs were the top grossing posts on the company's LinkedIn page for multiple quarters in a row. I also frequently provided feedback, storyboards, supporting files, and creative direction on Nymbus video content, including input on a recruitment video that the entire Nymbus Creative Team collaborated on, which won a Silver Telly award in the General: Recruiting category in 2022.
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