This project focused on taking a specific typeface and creating a double-sided poster and pamphlet. Instructions were given for what type of content to include on each page, ranging from which typefaces were allowed to be used to information about the typeface's designer and the most notable characteristics of the typeface. My goal for my pamphlet was to fulfill the requirements of the project while simultaneously creating content that felt like a modern, type-centric version of the sort of work that Emigre and Licko produced in their heyday.
This Mr. Eaves poster and pamphlet is an exploration of typography as image and an appreciation of its versatility. After researching the background of the typeface and its designer, Zuzana Licko, as well as Emigre, the type foundry she was a part of at the time that it was created, I decided that I wanted to reference Mr. Eaves' history throughout the experience of flipping through the pamphlet. The entire piece was created using shapes made only from sections of type.
I chose the typeface Mr. Eaves because I enjoy using geometric sans serifs and appreciate how universal its uses are. It (and other weights and versions of it, like the XL version of Mr. Eaves Modern) is one of my favorite typefaces. Inspired by Emigre's tendency to layer information and graphics in a collage-like manner, I wanted to add depth to each composition by choosing to stack sections of content atop one another, partially distorting them without rendering them illegible, and using elements of both the typeface and its history to direct specific placement of objects. My warm color palette was chosen after examining the ways that Emigre played with the interaction of pink and red text and backgrounds, and often seeing a splash of yellow or other bright colors on pages full of cool or darker toned images!
It is easy to fall into the default of seeing a poster as only a combination of type and image, and this project allowed myself and any potential viewers to realize the visual power that can be created when choosing to view and utilize type as image.
If I were to change anything about this project in a future reproduction, it would be the weight of the paper used. It may seem like a small detail but using lighter paper would help the pamphlet lay flatter upon being folded and allow the poster to remain flat and unfolded more easily as well.

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