beLeaf Retreat was a 2-day immersive and virtual weekend experience on January 9 & 10, 2021, giving individuals and families the tools and resources needed to transition to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Participants attended workshops on health + wellness, animal empathy, sustainability + conscious consumption, values systems, and also participated in live, interactive cooking demos! There were two tracks available for the journey- one for Adults only, and one for Parents and Kids to do together. beLeaf retreat offered attendees a focused moment and playful tools to examine their relationship to the natural world and consider the greater impact of their choices.
As a Brand and  Experience Designer at Liminalia, Inc. I was a part of a team that collectively designed the entire website, physical and digital materials, and the retreat experience, which was implemented in a custom-branded virtual portal built with a combination of code and webflow. I was personally responsible for implementing the voice, ideas, and visuals of the brand across printed "beLeaf System" booklets and cards that were sent to beLeaf Retreat participant, in addition to helping use webflow as a content management system to update descriptions and photos of the event's speakers, guests, and hosts. The beLeaf System booklets included over 75 pages designed and laid out by me; these contained content provided all or in part by the event's speakers, including recipes, individual and family activities, journal exercises, mediation prompts, biographies, and space to take notes or write down thoughts. The cards included custom illustrations and descriptions of different food and other items, as well as games and activities to be played with them that made them an evergreen touchpoint for beLeaf Retreat attendees and their families.
beLeaf Retreat was rated as one of the best Women's Wellness Retreats of 2021.
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